10 Instagram Content Ideas For Your Business

Creating content on Instagram may seem like a daunting endeavour for service firms that don’t provide a tangible product. However, we’re here to reassure you that service-based companies should be sharing plenty of entertaining, informative, and otherwise worthwhile material on Instagram. And if you’re struggling to come up with ideas for Instagram posts, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered there, too. Keep reading for a plethora of fresh and simple Instagram posts that you can use to promote your business.

Address frequently asked questions

If you run a service-oriented company, you may find that many of your customers and potential customers have the same inquiries. Write out some frequently asked questions, and then make a series of Instagram posts to publish once a week or once a month answering those topics. This is exactly the sort of high-quality, informative material your customers have been begging for, and it will help establish your credibility as an industry leader.

A Clip From the Set

Who doesn’t like a peek behind the curtain now and then? Make sure you quickly film a few short movies or snap a few images on your phone the next time you are working with a customer or finishing up a project. Create a humorous, behind-the-scenes film that customers will adore by compiling these short clips afterwards. Having trouble putting together a video? The Boosted app simplifies the process of generating films using existing media.

Evaluating the Satisfaction of Our Customers

Do you have customers that gush about your work? This is EXACTLY the kind of thing service-oriented companies should be sharing on Instagram. You may have some glowing reviews from satisfied customers posted on your website, but if you want more people to visit your site and book your services, you need to share them on Instagram. Feel free to share these whenever possible!


In the service industry, your audience expects you to provide them with helpful information, and a tutorial fits the bill well as a piece of high-quality content they can learn from and have fun with. Pick a topic you’re interested in discussing, write up some detailed instructions, and turn them into an Instagram Story or carousel tutorial that you can then share with your followers.

Common Errors

It’s likely that many of your customers continually make the same blunders in front of you. *cringe* Assist your current and new customers by (politely!) pointing out some common blunders individuals make when it comes to social networking, accounting, fitness, etc., and suggesting improvements they may make.

Monday’s Mood Board

Photographers, designers, and event planners can all try out a new and exciting form of Instagram content we’ve come up with… Mood diagrams! You may easily inspire your clients by compiling a few eye-catching images into a “mood board.”Time to Recruit

If you deal with many small firms, it’s a good idea to let them know the telltale signals that they’re ready to hire you. It can be challenging for a business owner to determine whether it is the perfect moment to begin using outside service providers. Communicate to your potential customers exactly what they need to do to be considered ready to work with you and when they should employ you.

Suggested Reading

Do you remember any fantastic novels you read recently? Any company providing a service would find this a delightful and simple Instagram post topic. Choose a handful of recent novels you’ve enjoyed (bonus points if they have anything to do with your service!) to discuss. and put together a reel on Instagram to promote these books to your audience. You haven’t figured out Instagram Reels but you want to. The video editing tool Boosted makes it simple to produce professional promotional movies in a matter of minutes.

Pros and Cons

Selling your services is an important element of running any service-based business, and you can do it by being transparent about the benefits and drawbacks of working with you. (Hint: List all the reasons why they should hire you.) You may include these in an Instagram caption, but a more entertaining and interesting option for your customers is to create an Instagram Reel.

Give a Number

Do you have any data that customers would find useful that relates to your company? Statistics about your sector are a great way to provide value to your followers on Instagram with no effort. Make it appealing to the eye, and explain to your customers why they need to know or care about these figures.

The Jargon

This final suggestion for service-based businesses’ Instagram posts may be our favourite. Many of the terminology you employ often in your business may seem elementary to you, but that doesn’t imply your customers do. In order to better understand your sector and interact with you once you’ve been employed, it’s helpful to familiarise your clients with some of the terms you use on a regular basis.