7 Instagram Strategies To Boost Your Businesses

Everyone dreams of Instagram fame, but figuring out the best approach can be difficult. Let’s not dally around. Here are the seven most important things you need to know to become an Instagram pro.

The 7 Best Instagram Marketing Strategies

Make use of Instagram videos

All there is to it is this. Let’s get started with some video material.

Posts with video content do significantly better than those with just photographs or (gasp!) text. Why is YouTube the second most popular search engine if you ask me? Because of this! The popularity of online video continues to rise.

Social media posts that include video attract 48% more views because of the persuasive nature of this content format. If you predicted that you should be sharing more videos on Instagram, you’d be right.

Always make your posts platform-appropriate

Do you just copy and paste what you put on Facebook into Instagram without making any changes?

Put a halt to that right now!

What may be effective on Facebook may not be on Instagram or elsewhere. If you want your Instagram page to be successful, you need to tailor your posts to the medium.

Since Instagram requires square photos, this implies cropping the image. Even though there is an extra step, you may access your Canva account without ever leaving e-clincher, and the dimensions will be automatically configured for you. You can simply upload your picture and be done with it.

Visualise your space using a grid

People will see a grid layout when they visit your homepage, after all. I’m curious as to how yours seems.

Each individual post is important, as is the way in which posts build on one another. It’s crucial to keep this material uniform across all channels if you want your business to become instantly recognisable on social media.

The new mobile planning grid available in e-clincher makes it much simpler to get a feel for the big picture. In addition, you may organise not only striking posts but also batches of posts that all work together to contribute to your online presence utilising our free picture libraries and image editor.

Put your group on the same page

More people making food at once usually means more food and greater mess. How many people are in charge of a single account? Then you should think about this. This is a crucial Instagram strategy that many companies overlook.

What is the procedure for getting permission, if any? How does it appear? Where do you find the time? The e-clincher platform allows you to specify which members of your organisation should have final say over the material. And with the mobile grid, you can make sure that your page looks like you throughout, even if someone else is adding content.

Re-Distribute Content Created by Users

Content created by users, for users, is priceless. However, it might be a huge hassle to try to record and distribute it to your audience.

However, e-clincher’s unified inbox makes it simple to re-share UGC for really effective engagement, therefore you should do that.

Never underestimate the value of your customers’ feedback. Customers and potential customers are more likely to trust the opinions of other customers than they are to trust the claims of the brand itself.

Maintain a regular posting schedule

When taking on the responsibility of administering a page, we all promise ourselves that we will do a good job. However, then an event occurs.

It’s becoming old to post updates. You just don’t have the urge to. You have a lot on your plate. We get it completely. It’s mandatory, though. And with the correct equipment, it’s usually not too unpleasant either. Use e-clincher’s Instagram posting feature, for instance, and your most recent post will be live on the social media platform in a matter of seconds.

You might also use something called “batch work.” This entails grouping related activities into larger projects.

Dig Into the Numbers

Do you merely speculate?

In a word, no. One does data analysis. The success of your approach can only be evaluated with the use of analytics and insights.

Connecting your Google Analytics and e-clincher accounts together is a time-saver. Keep an eye on where your visitors are coming from and how long they’re staying.