Best Social Media Mother’s Day Campaigns

Marketing strategies for Mother’s Day

As a company, you should continuously be thinking of ways to better your offering to customers. We recognise that this cannot always be accomplished without significant collaboration.

You need to make an effort to prepare fresh ads for everyone, whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Black Friday. We promise, however, that the wait will be worthwhile.

It’s natural that some efforts may do better than others, but hopefully the examples we provide will spark some ideas.

However, if you feel like initiating a complete campaign, we have your back 100% of the way there as well.

The Instagram and Facebook popularity of Mother’s Day postings

We were curious as to which Mother’s Day postings did the best on Facebook and Instagram.

Brands may increase your followers interaction by uploading more photographs and organising them into albums.

Promotional efforts for Mother’s Day on social media:

Our moms are already deserving of our affection, but a little more recognition never hurt. Let’s look at what the major companies are doing.


Every woman, without exception, adores a good handbag. It’s the truth, folks!

One of the premium labels that recognises the significance of a handbag to a lady is Gucci. You may get your mom a bag in any size she likes, from a larger tote to a tiny crossbody purse.

    You can wow her with a pair of sunglasses, a fancy watch, a pair of show-stopping shoes, or some stunning jewellery.

    From a marketing standpoint, Gucci zeroed focused on its most eye-catching items to showcase for Mother’s Day. The brand’s attractive ad, which celebrated femininity, included a colour palette of light pinks and pastels.

    Tiffany & Co.

    “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” Marilyn Monroe once stated.

    Were her claims untrue? Not in my opinion, no.

    You may pick from a variety of rings, necklaces, and earrings. They had a strong social media presence and a creative website landing page.

    Diamonds are a sure bet. A mother would be overjoyed to receive a gift of a large, brilliant stone.

    The American luxury business launched a heartfelt 2020 advertising campaign, showcasing a wide variety of 18-karat rose gold and diamond rings. The purity and elegance of the jewellery symbolises the love shared between mothers and their children.

    The North Face

    The North Face, one of the top sportswear and outdoor gear businesses, created a thoughtful ad campaign honouring all the amazing moms in the world on this special day.

    The company made a bright statement that acknowledged women’s ability to reach the summit of any mountain.

    This company understands that all moms are strong, fearless, and powerful. You may get her anything from a camp duffel to a backpack to a jacket to a pair of running shoes, depending on her tastes.

    The North Face decided to celebrate the day by releasing a picture series that examines the bond between a mother and her offspring as well as the bond between humans and environment. It’s hardly surprising that the company’s approach to reconnecting with environment reflects its values of variety, outdoor activities, and the encouragement of experiences of all kinds.


    Going to Ikea may make you feel like you’re on vacation, making it the ideal place to pick up something for mom.

      Swedish firm understands what moms want because it’s been the leading furniture shop in the world since 2008.

      LancĂ´me maintained their brand’s cool by having a bright and cheery homepage. They also let you engrave the tiny perfume bottle you buy, so you can make the present more unique. In their favour, much more so!

      A Secret Seventh

      The best-known underwear brand has the pinkest advertising campaign.

      Mothers are encouraged to take time for themselves and maintain a positive self-image by Victoria’s Secret. The promoted the brand between mothers and daughters and the power of female friendship.

      One Last Thing

      Even though writing this little essay made me feel a lot of nostalgia, it also opened my eyes to the need of having a well-thought-out social media marketing approach.

      When you consider how these major firms market their wares and bring in new consumers on a daily basis, you can see how dependent their teams are on social media’s results.

      What does this teach us as a group? An effective campaign keeps consumers engaged and encourages them to interact with your business.