How Long Are Instagram Videos Allowed To Be?

Although Instagram started as a photo-centric platform, videos have become just as integral to the company’s community. Instagram videos are a significant pull for the site, whether used for instructional reasons or commercial promotion. As a result, it’s unsurprising to see whole video marketing techniques and content release calendars dedicated to this sort of material. Not all videos, however, are made equal! To assist you in simplifying issues, we’ve put together detailing the maximum length of Instagram videos. 

Maximum Length of Instagram Videos

Instagram Video Feed

How long may Instagram videos be on the Feed?: Between three and ten seconds. The Instagram Feed moves quickly: users scroll down to pause for a minute at content that catches their eye & then continues exploring. As a result, films permitted in the standard Feed must be brief and instructive, lasting no more than 60 seconds. Feed videos, uploaded in the same way that regular Instagram posts are. The platform enables you to include helpful elements such as location, tags, and various formatting styles for your films, including portrait, landscape, & even square. Don’t worry if you’ve already created a lengthier video: Instagram allows you to submit a 1-minute segment of it.

Videos from Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have a maximum duration of 15 seconds per story card. Instagram Stories have proven to be a wise decision on the side of the corporation. This tool is ideal for delivering engaging and exciting material to keep your audience interested and engaged daily. Instagram allows users to share up to 15-second stories. As a result, if you wish to share lengthier content, you’ll need to break it up into many segments.

Videos on IGTV

How long could IGTV videos be? They may be from 15 seconds up to an hour in length.

What alternatives do you have now for the material you’ve created that you’d like to share with your Instagram audience? You may have created films detailing your path in the industry. Or an animated explanation film that exceeds the 60-second limit of a standard blog article. What are your options, then? Indeed, Instagram’s IGTV feature enables you to submit lengthier videos. The maximum duration of these movies varies according to the platform uploaded. You can upload a 15-minute-long video if you use the IGTV app on a mobile device. However, when using a desktop to submit content from the web, you may upload MP4 files that can take up to an hour to upload. While posting IGTV videos, you can buy IGTV likes to capture the attention of a larger audience.

Reels on Instagram

Instagram Reels can be up to 15 seconds long. Instagram has introduced a new tool that allows you to showcase your playful side via video. Reels have their area on your profile, identical to how IGTV videos do. You can, however, post it on your Stories & Feed. When you do so, you will get more reels views for Instagram, thereby reaching more people. Reels are ideal for expressing your creativity since they have several editing options that allow you to personalize your video within 15 seconds fully. Several of them offer tools for generating smooth transitions, audio & text special effects, and vibrant stickers and backdrops.


Instagram’s Feed, IGTV, Reels, and Stories make it an excellent platform for sharing your professional work and reaching a broader audience. However, suppose you’re seeking to elicit an emotional response and interaction from the followers. In that case, Stories & Reels enable you to produce content that’s quick to watch and customizable to your preferences. 

What is the most effective way for businesses to Utilize Instagram videos?

Across the board, video content takes over social media.

Instagram is no different from this rule. According to recent statistics, the average user on Instagram now spends more than half of the time on platform viewing videos. As video-sharing services such as TikTok & YouTube continue to rise in popularity, consumers’ appetites for video content will only continue to expand. 

The great news is that entry barriers into Instagram video marketing are lower than it has ever been for businesses seeking to get started with this type of marketing. In this tutorial, we’ll show you precisely how to accomplish it.

What is it about Instagram video marketing that is so appealing?

Fact: Instagram videos generate 49 percent higher interaction than static photo postings, according to data.

Consumers nowadays are binge-watchers in the most literal sense of the word. That is why businesses are including video in their content strategy and garnering massive amounts of attention doing so.

Instagram’s video formats are open to use by any company.

First and foremost, Instagram provides a great deal of freedom in terms of image layout for companies. You could use it for everything from advertisements to bite-sized product lessons because the platform’s in-feed video (which can be up to 60 seconds in duration) is flexible. Stories, on the other hand, allows for the creation of 15-second vertical films. And don’t forget about Instagram TV for long-form material up to fifteen minutes when uploaded from a mobile device, an hour when uploaded from the web. To increase engagement for your IGTV, you can head over to buy IGTV views that will display your content to a larger audience. And Instagram Live for real-time video streaming. Refine your approach based on data-driven responses to the question of what sorts of long-type content you must be investing your time and money in.

Four easy strategies to help you to make an Instagram video that will go viral

1. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service.

There are no surprises here! If you’re selling a tangible product, creating a video to promote what you’re offering is an excellent place to start. If you’re in the eCommerce business, in-feed video is probably the ideal format for Instagram. Product reels also offer a way to buy Instagram reel likes for showcasing your items to audiences from every perspective. All without the need for any sophisticated editing done afterward. 

2. Create a video instructional or how-to guide.

Educating the audience is a tried-and-true strategy for companies trying to promote their products or services through video. Prepare a list of what you can inform the audience & how you can include your items into the learning process.

3. Take your fans on a behind-the-scenes tour of your business.

Let us reiterate: if you want to make a video on Instagram, you don’t have to worry about doing anything complex or sophisticated. Stories are low-hanging fruit for capturing film and encouraging interaction with the followers through commentary and stickers, which you can use for everything, including product releases to conferences and festivals. Stories’ rough look and feel eventually helps your material appear more spontaneous and natural, which is a nice change from the polished look and feel of “professional” or commercial films.

4. Organize a question-and-answer session.

Another method for utilizing Stories is to have a question and answer session with your fans on the platform. Not only does this need the use of no equipment and minimum editing, but it also provides an opportunity to engage with your followers.


Instagram has evolved into something much more than a simple photo-sharing platform these days. Creating video content is a must for any firms seeking to expand their presence on YouTube.

Instagram Hashtags You Should Use in 2021

Instagram is a massive platform with about a billion monthly users. That means that the daily volume of posts is enormous. Therefore, how can you ensure that your material reaches a large audience? To begin, you can acquire Instagram followers by establishing a network and increasing the likelihood of your content being suggested to more users. Then, you can leverage relevant hashtags to reach the broadest possible audience.

Hashtags have evolved into a need for everybody who uses social media. People are typing these terms to locate information that piques their interest, and by doing so, you can connect with the niche market which would follow your account. As a result, you should research the most useful and successful hashtags that will help you reach your target audience. However, don’t forget to buy Instagram auto likes on your posts to ensure that they appear in the top posts for each hashtag.

Let us just look at the top hashtags to utilize in 2021 in this post.

Hashtags in general

To begin, the following are the universal hashtags that you could use on all your posts:

1. #affection

Everyone desires to feel love, even more so now that the virus has isolated them from their dear ones. As a result, posts containing the tag #love will always receive large engagement rates.

2. #instafamous

#Instagood has been a top trending hashtag for years. It is suitable for any sort of material and any niche, which is why it appears in over 1.28 billion posts.

3. #picoftheday, #photooftheday, and #photography

Use these hashtags to post your photographs. Each one of these 3 hashtags is great for photographs captured with a camera or a mobile device. 

4. #awesome

#beautiful is another hashtag that you could use on any post. Realize how popular this hashtag is when you consider that it appears in over 718 million posts. As a result, incorporate it into your captions anytime you share something lovely.

5. #joyful

#happy is another good hashtag that so many users search for. This hashtag, which has over 616 million postings, could assist your posts reach a large number of users. 

6. #cute #Cute

It is another upbeat hashtag that has remained popular for years. As a result, over 609 billion posts were tagged with #cute, with the majority receiving a huge engagement rate.

7. #follow and #followme.

Because Instagram is an online platform, the larger your following, the better. You can use the hashtags #join and #followme to invite viewers of your content to look out for your profile and follow you. Some of them will request a follow in exchange for a follow.

8. #throwbackthursday or #tbt

TBT or #throwbackthursday is among the platform’s most popular hashtags. When you’re using the hashtag, you’re sharing a memory or a snapshot from your history. You can begin getting traffic if you engage in challenges and purchase Instagram follower’s rapid delivery.

9. #instagram

Numerous people include the hashtag #instagram in their posts. As a result, this hashtag has topped 596 million posts. As a result, ensure as you include it in every post you create.

10. #likeforlike

The final popular generic hashtag is #like4like. This is another hashtag that fosters engagement, despite the fact that you are committing to viewing the people’s profiles and liking a few of their posts.

Hashtags for Specific Topics

Second, the hashtags below denote certain specialties. Choose the ones that are most appropriate for your account and make the most of them.

11. #fashion

#fashion is the most popular specialty hashtag on Instagram. Therefore, for the greatest results, ensure that you upload your daily ensembles, use this hashtag.

12. #art

Another thriving niche on Instagram is a skill, as evidenced by the hashtag #art’s over 749 million posts. If you’ve had a unique artistic ability, be sure to use this hashtag.

13. #nature

Nature is a versatile hashtag that could be used in both broad and specific contexts. You can use this hashtag whenever you share an image linked to nature, even if you are not a member of this niche.

14.  #travel

 #Travel and photographs featuring travel destinations receive great engagement on Instagram. As a result, publishing photographs from your travels will help you. Whatever you do, keep in mind to purchase Instagram followers’ rapid delivery to ensure immediate results.

15. #styling

For years, #style, like #fashion, is one of the highly famous and specialized hashtags. Similarly, use #style. Specifically, share beautiful photographs of yourself dressed impeccably to capture your audience’s attention.

16. #fitness

Another growing Instagram niche is health and well-being. As a result, #fitness has over 432 million posts. If you enjoy working out, you should absolutely utilize this tag to connect with others who share your interests.

17. #nutrition

If you visit Instagram, you’ll notice a plethora of posts including food and desserts. As a result, it’s unsurprising that #food has garnered over 427 million posts.

18. #beautiful

The following specialty hashtag is #beautiful. As with any other social media network, the cosmetics niche is robust on this one. Utilize it to increase the engagement on your makeup-related posts.

19. #music

#music is another hashtag to be used on Instagram in 2021. Whether you’re expressing your admiration for a musician or advertising your own, this is a wonderful hashtag for exposure.

20. #cosmetics

Finally, #makeup is comparable to #beauty in terms of niche and appeal. Once you use a few of them, you should also utilise the other.

These hashtags will assist you in reaching the audience you desire.

5 Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Marketing Your Brand

The Instagram algorithm remains to take a charge on viewer’s engagement, and it’s no surprise that larger people are changing their concept on Instagram Stories.

According to the research, 500 million users use Instagram stories, which is almost triple of Snapchat. Using Instagram stories helps to connect with your followers and reach out to your business shortly. Posting stories frequently can also affect how your posts display in the Instagram algorithm.

In fact, Instagram Stories are one of the greatest parts of increasing engagement, creating brand awareness, driving traffic, and creating more sales!

Let’s start!

1. Use Instagram Stories Feature

The Instagram algorithm works on the total amount of time viewers spent viewing your content as a factor your profile will reach and gain more popularity.

Instagram stories help to connect with their audience with your brand. You can use all these features by choosing the stickers at the top right corner of the screen when continuing to your story. Once you tap the icon, you can find more stickers. 

The stickers are GIFs, locations, hashtags, emojis, and more. Using these stickers, you have a better chance of keeping your viewers engaged and giving them a purpose to provide more time viewing your Instagram Stories.

2. Interact with Your Audience

The Instagram algorithm will help you interact with more audiences when you receive your Instagram Stories, such as DM or replies for your story to another user.

The more viewers interact with your Instagram Stories, and the more likely your Instagram posts will show up in their feed. Increasing views for your stories will help to reach out to your brand. When you buy IG story views to get more views, other viewers would assume you are popular and want to engage with you more.

3. Include Link in your Instagram Stories

Instagram allows you to add links to Instagram Stories, and it’s a very big deal. In fact, it’s the first time that viewers can add links to Instagram that aren’t the link in their bio.

If you have 10K followers on an Instagram business profile, you can add your product link. If you meet these requirements, you can add a “Swipe Up” option in your Instagram stories and create more traffic to your product pages, web campaigns, blog posts, and more.

Adding your product links into your Instagram stories does not only help you get more traffic to your website, but it’s another opinion that the algorithm will pay you for adding in your strategy.

4. Add Location & Hashtag Stickers

Instagram extended that feature an Explore & Search page to add location and hashtag to your Instagram stories! When you add a hashtag or location sticker to a story, other viewers can also find it if anyone searches that hashtag or location.

In other terms, you have an excellent opportunity to reach more new audiences and undiscovered audiences. And if they like what they see, they may give you a follow!

Adding a particular hashtag to your Instagram story is just as easy. At this moment, you can create the best impressions about your brand. If you have a higher impression than your reach, it indicates that your audience is viewing your content more often—multiple times. When you Buy Instagram impressions will help get more impressions and reach ratio to indicate what’s performing well. 

5. Track your Instagram stories analytics

Instagram Stories analytics will allow you to get a clear view of who is holding around or swiping away. Plus, you can presently help you optimize your Instagram content strategy.

If you turn into an Instagram Business profile, you can also view the analytics for your Instagram Stories, which is extremely helpful. 

Adding an Instagram stories strategy with a better understanding of what’s working will help you develop a strong strategy, saving you time and effort.