How Long Are Instagram Videos Allowed To Be?

Although Instagram started as a photo-centric platform, videos have become just as integral to the company’s community. Instagram videos are a significant pull for the site, whether used for instructional reasons or commercial promotion. As a result, it’s unsurprising to see whole video marketing techniques and content release calendars dedicated to this sort of material. Not all videos, however, are made equal! To assist you in simplifying issues, we’ve put together detailing the maximum length of Instagram videos. 

Maximum Length of Instagram Videos

Instagram Video Feed

How long may Instagram videos be on the Feed?: Between three and ten seconds. The Instagram Feed moves quickly: users scroll down to pause for a minute at content that catches their eye & then continues exploring. As a result, films permitted in the standard Feed must be brief and instructive, lasting no more than 60 seconds. Feed videos, uploaded in the same way that regular Instagram posts are. The platform enables you to include helpful elements such as location, tags, and various formatting styles for your films, including portrait, landscape, & even square. Don’t worry if you’ve already created a lengthier video: Instagram allows you to submit a 1-minute segment of it.

Videos from Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have a maximum duration of 15 seconds per story card. Instagram Stories have proven to be a wise decision on the side of the corporation. This tool is ideal for delivering engaging and exciting material to keep your audience interested and engaged daily. Instagram allows users to share up to 15-second stories. As a result, if you wish to share lengthier content, you’ll need to break it up into many segments.

Videos on IGTV

How long could IGTV videos be? They may be from 15 seconds up to an hour in length.

What alternatives do you have now for the material you’ve created that you’d like to share with your Instagram audience? You may have created films detailing your path in the industry. Or an animated explanation film that exceeds the 60-second limit of a standard blog article. What are your options, then? Indeed, Instagram’s IGTV feature enables you to submit lengthier videos. The maximum duration of these movies varies according to the platform uploaded. You can upload a 15-minute-long video if you use the IGTV app on a mobile device. However, when using a desktop to submit content from the web, you may upload MP4 files that can take up to an hour to upload. While posting IGTV videos, you can buy IGTV likes to capture the attention of a larger audience.

Reels on Instagram

Instagram Reels can be up to 15 seconds long. Instagram has introduced a new tool that allows you to showcase your playful side via video. Reels have their area on your profile, identical to how IGTV videos do. You can, however, post it on your Stories & Feed. When you do so, you will get more reels views for Instagram, thereby reaching more people. Reels are ideal for expressing your creativity since they have several editing options that allow you to personalize your video within 15 seconds fully. Several of them offer tools for generating smooth transitions, audio & text special effects, and vibrant stickers and backdrops.


Instagram’s Feed, IGTV, Reels, and Stories make it an excellent platform for sharing your professional work and reaching a broader audience. However, suppose you’re seeking to elicit an emotional response and interaction from the followers. In that case, Stories & Reels enable you to produce content that’s quick to watch and customizable to your preferences. 

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