These Are The Top 7 Strategies To Take Your Instagram Advertising To The Next Level

In fact, Instagram reports that the number of companies utilising Instagram increased from 15 million to 25 million between July 2017 to November 2017.

In addition, the number of Instagram advertisers that actively post at least once a month more than quadrupled from March 2017 to November 2017.

It’s unclear what’s behind the meteoric rise in corporate adoption. Many factors, such as:

  • Because of Instagram’s unique structure,
  • There has been a huge increase in the number of people using mobile applications.
  • Constant updates to social media platforms

Here are seven smart ways to increase the reach and profitability of your Instagram ad campaigns and bring Instagram’s full potential to bear on your business.

Use a wide variety of ad mediums

Instagram’s advertising tools are particularly versatile in terms of both visual presentation and media integration. Instagram advertising may take on a variety of formats, from carousels and marquees to photos and more.

Several companies like the carousel layout because it lets them use numerous photos at once, creating a visual flow that conveys more information than a single image could. People are persuaded to spend significantly more time with a carousel than they would with a static image ad.

Get a slight edge by reaching out to influential people.

In social media, influencers wield tremendous sway because they serve as de facto industry leaders and carry tremendous sway with their own subsets of followers. These leaders in the business have a deep understanding of their fan bases and the power to sway their consumers’ choices.

This gives them the intrinsic capacity to help advertising businesses shape their message for the advantage of future consumers (i.e., the influencer’s fan base).

Market to the people who will be interested in what you have to offer

Marketing on Instagram is not a complex endeavour. However even the most brilliant marketing effort will fail to bring in the expected returns if it is not directed at the right people.

Instagram advertising is easier than many other methods since it relies on Facebook’s audience segmentation system to narrow its focus on specific users. Take caution while employing this, though.

Inadvertently targeting the wrong demographic might waste a lot of money on ads that no one sees.

Make your Instagram ads look like they came from the feed.

If you want to get people involved, Instagram is just a conduit.

Getting people interested is the first step in making them paying clients, thus that should be the focus. The fact that it is an advertising should not be blatantly visible.

You’re not really trying to sell people anything. Use a subtle approach to persuasion and make sure the ad seems just like a normal Instagram post so that it blends in with the feed. The first day of college is a lot like the first day of high school in that respect: it’s best to blend in rather than stick out.

Change the wording of your call-to-action buttons to raise brand recognition.

It’s possible that a call to action is the most crucial part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Advertise in front of a million people, but if they can’t easily find their way to your hard sell, they won’t click through.

Your picture, not just the words, should have a call to action (CTA), as the latter might be chopped off and require a click to expand.

Most Instagram users flick through photos rapidly, seldom pausing to take in the captions. It’s possible that your submission will be overlooked if it comes out as overly naive. Including a clear call to action in the graphic helps users see your ad and understand what they should do next.

Make the most of split-testing

To illustrate, pretend you had access to two billboards in close proximity to one another but on opposite sides of the same road. That many motorists will see your sign and stop to read it. Suppose you can find out how many people saw your sign and how many people really read what you’ve written.

Once a week has passed, the higher-performing sign will be duplicated on the lower-performing billboard. Do you want to seize this chance? Naturally, you would. With A/B testing, why not do the same with your Instagram ads?