Here Are Five More Instagram Hints

Instagram has really been operating for six years now. In just six years, Instagram has grown into a social media powerhouse, attracting casual users.

Instagram started as a simple photo-sharing software but has now expanded into a full-fledged social media network. Although we’ve already gone through five great Instagram tricks, there are bound to be many more that have been hiding in the shadows until now. Here’s yet another collection of excellent Instagram advice that you can and should follow.

Post Archiving Guide

Many people feel shame while reading their own posts from six years ago. So, what can you do if you want to make your Instagram profile more unified yet are embarrassed by an old photo? Many people would believe that the only choice is to fully remove the photo from existence, however there is another.

You can no longer delete posts from your profile; instead, you can “archive” them. Find a picture from your profile that you’re not happy with. Once you find one, select it by tapping the three dots in the top right corner.Choose the option labelled “Archive.” The image has vanished from your public Instagram profile.

But what if you’d like to bring back an old profile pic? Don’t stress out; it’s a breeze! Go to your profile and click the icon that resembles a clock in the top right corner. Your previous comments will load here. To restore it, select it and then hit the three dots in the top right. After selecting “Show on profile,” the image will once again be shown on your profile.

Marking Favourite Articles

Instagram is home to some very breathtaking photography. Unfortunately, people tend to forget how amazing they were quite fast. Luckily, Instagram lets you bookmark your favourite pictures so you may return to them at a later time. It doesn’t matter if the photo is yours, someone you follow, or someone you found randomly; you can save them all.

You may accomplish this by tapping the bookmark symbol that appears on the right side of the screen under the image. Once you’ve properly bookmarked it, the symbol will change from white to black.

You may access your bookmarked content by visiting your profile and clicking the bookmark symbol located just below your contact details. Use the “+” button in the upper right to add a photo to your collection of favourites. You may give your collection a name here. Then, from your bookmarked posts, click “next” and choose the images you wish to save. Select the image you want to remove the bookmark from, then hit the bookmark symbol again. This time, the icon’s colour should change from black to white.

Cover Up a Tale

Instagram Stories, for the uninitiated, are the short videos that users upload and display at the app’s top. Quite a few of them are entertaining, while others are obnoxious or even pointless. You can silence a user’s narrative if you no longer wish to read it. You may still view a person’s postings in your feed even if you mute their story, so it’s not the same as unfollowing them. When you mute a story, it disappears from the top of your feed and moves to the far right of the story bar. Even more crucial, when you are watching other people’s tales, the muted story will not play in the background. To stop hearing a user’s updates, press and hold their profile image in the upper-right corner of your feed. From the drop-down option that appears, choose “Mute [username’s] Story.” You may easily unmute a story by following the same procedures and clicking “Unmute [username’s] Story.”

Make It So You Get Alerted When New Posts Are Made

It’s easy for Instagram feeds to get cluttered. It’s easy to overlook posts that matter unless you constantly check your feed. You may set up alerts to be notified anytime a selected account makes a new post.

To block someone, simply visit their profile. To expand the menu, click the ellipses (…) at the top right. A selection of choices will appear in a menu. Click the “Block” button now. Instagram will offer you one more chance to reconsider, but if you’re set on blocking that user, you can just press “Block” again. All done! To remove a block, go to the user’s profile, touch the menu button (three dots), and then tap “Unblock” twice.