Tips for Getting High-Quality Instagram Leads

You should expect to be urged to consider social media as a lead generating method at least twice.

You’d have to think about the many available platforms if you gave that notion any serious consideration. Perhaps also LinkedIn, although Facebook and Twitter are more likely to be at the top of that list.

But are you aware that Instagram is one of the channels where you need to concentrate your efforts?

In this article, we’ll examine Instagram’s potential as a lead generating tool and determine whether or not it’s worth your time to invest in. And you’ll have a good grasp of how we can effectively develop an Instagram advertising campaign to attract new clients.

Why is Instagram such a powerful advertising medium?

Photos, slideshows (carousel posts), videos, live broadcasting, direct messaging, hashtags, and tales with a unique ‘Swipe Up’ function to link to external web sites, all without leaving the app, are all available for use in content marketing.

The existence of a sizable audience is another factor. Around 800 million unique users log in to the social network every month, and 60% of all Internet-using adults report being regulars.

Instagram has also shown that 60% of its users have learned about new products or services thanks to the app. This is based on feedback from the 50% of Instagram users who say they follow at least one company account.

Inspiring greater interaction between your brand and its consumers, Instagram is a great tool for every business. With the help of the platform’s many tools, you can add a more personable touch to your company and convey your brand’s unique character to your target audience without seeming too promotional.

As a result, Instagram has grown from a simple social media platform into an integral aspect of many companies’ plans for increasing brand awareness, attracting new customers, and ultimately increasing revenue.

Before of any Instagram ads

Are you prepared to get on the Instagram marketing bandwagon?

Do not launch your campaign without first completing these necessary procedures.

Analyze Instagram to see whether it’s a good fit for your company

Ensure that Instagram is a good fit for your company by conducting the necessary research. Instagram is perfect for brands that have a narrative to tell or a unique personality to exhibit.

You should also find out if any of your target demographic really uses the service. After all, you don’t want to put in the time and effort to sell on Instagram only to discover that your target audience isn’t even using the service (much less following your account).

Establish your objectives

Once deciding Instagram is the right platform for you, the next step is to develop a strategy. In a year, how many high-quality leads do you want to have gotten from Instagram?

Work up a strategy for how you can accumulate the desired number of leads and stick to it.
Determine your desired number of followers, along with any other pertinent KPIs, for your business.
It will be much simpler to take action and make adjustments to your Instagram marketing strategy if your goals are SMART ones.

Discover who your ideal customer is

You may attract the proper followers and potential customers on Instagram with the aid of a buyer persona, a crucial tool for every marketer. You can learn a lot about your customer and their buying path with the help of this comprehensive tool. You may learn about their wants, preferences, and intentions.

Create an account on Instagram

At this point, you should go ahead and create an Instagram account. If you operate a company, setting up an Instagram profile for commercial purposes is simple and free. It enables you to generate advertisements and promote your content, in addition to providing you with data and insights.

If you want people to remember you, your username should be synonymous with your company, and your profile picture should be a logo.

Strategies for generating leads using Instagram

To what extent are you prepared to launch an Instagram campaign designed to bring in new customers? To become an Instagram marketing pro, keep these guidelines in mind.

Enhance your bio

If a potential client sees one of your Instagram photos but doesn’t yet know who you are, they’ll likely head straight to your profile to learn more.

Having an optimal bio that describes who you are and the value you can bring to your followers’ lives is, thus, crucial.
You should also use your bio to direct readers to a specific CTA (CTA). It’s a strategy for getting people to follow your site or join your email list.

Make sure you have a landing page

The need of an Instagram call-to-action was briefly discussed. Make sure your bio is sending them to a landing page that begs them to sign up or ask questions if you want to turn it into a lead generation machine. You may use this method to gather their contact information.

Instagram users are more likely to click on to your website or app from their mobile devices because the app is designed for that purpose. The need for a stunning landing page that displays properly on mobile devices increases.

Boost your sales with Instagram advertising

There is no definite method for reaching a wide audience, save by using advertisements. If you pay Instagram to show your ad to a certain demographic, you’re guaranteed to reach your target demographic.

Make adverts specifically aimed at getting individuals to give you their contact information like an email address or phone number. Provide something of value to your audience as an opt-in, such as an industry report or a free checklist.

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • If you want people to click on your ads, you need your landing pages to look and feel the same.
  • Convert more visitors into subscribers by making your landing page easy to skim.
  • You can get the most out of your Instagram advertising budget by making use of the platform’s targeting and remarketing capabilities. Doing something on Facebook and then replicating it on Instagram is a breeze.