Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Hashtags

Do you wish for more Instagram users to view your posts? Are you sceptical about the efficacy of hashtags and looking for alternatives?

This post will teach you 12 techniques to increase your Instagram reach without using hashtags and explain why and how they are important to your overall strategy.

Do Instagram Hashtags Help Get More Likes?

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s then-head of content, answered this question in a March 2022 Instagram story. After saying “Not really,” he elaborated on his response.

Mosseri used the entire 15 seconds to demonstrate how hashtags aid Instagram in understanding the context of your posts. That might improve your content’s visibility on a hashtag page. However, he stressed that hashtags alone aren’t a method of expanding reach.

What Mosseri Said About Hashtags and Why It’s Important for Marketers

This finding has come as a complete shock to those working in social media marketing. Given the common belief that hashtags increase visibility on Instagram, this idea runs counter to expectations.

For instance, official Instagram accounts include guidance on how to properly use hashtags. Most marketers’ regular procedures include investigating popular hashtags, selecting the optimal combination of phrases, and experimenting with varying numbers of keywords. Many marketers employ external tools to monitor hashtag interactions, adding credence to the theory that using these keywords broadens exposure.

The Evidence Regarding Instagram Hashtags

In light of Mosseri’s original claim, Socialinsider commenced an investigation into the content of over 75 million Instagram posts made in the preceding calendar year. The purpose of the research was to shed light on the question of whether or not the use of hashtags increases views and the value they provide to businesses.

Socialinsider’s findings ultimately corroborated Mosseri’s claim that hashtags have no effect on reach. Furthermore, the study indicated that there was no statistically significant relationship between the amount of hashtags and the number of views. The average engagement rate as measured by impressions remains consistent regardless of the number of hashtags used in a post.

The 6 Best Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers Naturally

You now know that hashtags are not the answer to your Instagram organic reach problems. Check out the strategies below if you want your Instagram posts to reach more people without paying for ads.

Publish at optimal times for your target demographic

Posting photos and videos to Instagram at peak times when your audience is logged in can dramatically increase your reach.
You may increase the number of people who read and interact with your posts by publishing them during times when your target demographic is most likely to be online. Increased visibility over time is possible thanks to the importance the Instagram algorithm places on user interaction.
Use Instagram Insights in the mobile app or Creator Studio to see when your followers are most active. The latter provides a great deal more information, such as hourly breakdowns. You may examine the average daily activity of your followers by hovering over any given hour of the day. Then you may try out releasing fresh material during peak usage periods.

Add content from your Instagram feed to your stories

What if, while knowing that your audience is more engaged at certain times of day, you only post once or twice a day? You can try different posting timings and distribution channels to determine what works best for your feed’s reach.

You may now publish stuff to your Instagram stories in addition to the main feed. If your followers like what they see in your tale, they can tap to see more. Stickers and calls to action (CTAs) on Instagram Stories might entice viewers to tap through to your profile.

Share Memorable Tales

It’s possible that your Instagram feed is packed with stunning photos and clever advertisements. However, if the captions and calls to action (CTAs) are overly promotional, people may stop paying attention to what you have to say.

Integrating captivating narratives into your content strategy is a great way to boost engagement and visibility. Connect with your audience on a deeper level by sharing behind-the-scenes details about your company culture, team members, and issues.

Make More Filmstrips

Mosseri stated towards the end of 2021 that short-form video would be Instagram’s primary focus because it presented the biggest development potential. Since then, the site has added more features and effects, as well as a Reels tab and Reels to the feed. It’s logical to assume that uploading these short-form films will enhance your reach because Instagram is prioritising Reels.

There’s a simple method to begin incorporating Reels into your content strategy if you haven’t already. Look through the highlights of your Instagram story and pick one to use elsewhere.

Carousel Posts

The content you submit to your followers’ feeds, whether it’s a reel or a feed post, will only show up once. You might miss out on engagement if they don’t engage with it on the first try. As a result, the algorithm may start to deliver your material less frequently.

Create Instagram carousel posts with up to 10 images and videos to avoid a drop in exposure and give the platform additional chances to convey your content. Instagram users may see carousel posts twice in their feeds. More of your audience will see your message because it rotates through different carousel cards each time.

Try Out Different Formats of Content

Should you stick to one form of content since reels and carousel articles are so effective at boosting views? In most cases, no. Instagram users and their habits are always evolving. Try different approaches until you find what works best, rather than settling on a single strategy.

Try telling different sorts of stories and using different call-to-actions in your captions. That way, you can experiment with several approaches and see which ones resonate with your target demographic.