TikTok Totally Owned 2023. Period. I’ll Explain Why

That settles it! But, the reason why TikTok was the year’s most downloaded app is a mystery. Why will there be 850 million downloads by the end of 2020, up from 315 million in the first four years?

Have you forgotten about Flappy Bird? The 2013 free game that was swiftly taken off from the app store because it was “too addicting” Those who had already installed Flappy Bird on their phones were allowed to retain it, but those who hadn’t lost their chance to play the game.

People were reselling phones with the game already installed for $300 to $5,000 by the time the app store removed the application in 2014. In 2014, eBay stopped a bidding war that reached a stunning $99,000 after 74 bids. But when word spread that TikTok was also going to be removed from the app store in a similar method, everyone panicked… This time, though, we were prepared.

As for the Haps

President Trump said in September of 2020 that Americans may no longer use the app store to download TikTok and a few other Chinese owned applications. The business was able to secure adequate funding from American investors after granting them many extensions to avoid this.

Yet, it didn’t stop many from rushing to app stores to download anything else in the hopes of avoiding the fate of Flappy Bird. By the year 2020, more than 850 million individuals have used the app TikTok. There are 2.6 billion devices in the globe with TikTok installed.

A year after ranking fourth in yearly app downloads, TikTok surpassed Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp to become the most downloaded app in worldwide. After Trump’s decision to remove it in September, 32 million people downloaded TikTok that month. As this increased interest occurred after the epidemic’s height, Trump’s threats against the app are suspected to be the blame.

TikTok has 315 million downloads at the end of 2019, after being available for four years. Statistically, this figure will have nearly quadrupled by the year 2020.

The Consequences for Advertisers

Although the majority (62%) of TikTok users are young adults (ages 10-29), this event is a great example of limited-time offers and scarcity marketing. Everyone downloaded it since they felt they only had a short period of time before the app disappeared.

What does that mean for your own professional advancement? To be sure, you don’t have the authority of a presidential executive order, but you may still make deals for time-sensitive bundles. The nature of the presentation and sale is more important than the nature of the product or service itself.

If you’re in the business of selling digital marketing services like social media marketing, you may, for the next three days only, offer a package called “Instagram Stories for the Year,” in which you develop and create three floors each day for a solid month. It’s a ridiculous offer that might be made to current and new customers to boost sales, demonstrate your expertise, and encourage more business.